Thursday, July 28, 2011

Namibia Approves Infrastructure For Bannerman’s Etango Uranium Project

Published on Thursday July 28 2011

PERTH ASX- and TSX-listed Bannerman Resources has received environmental clearance from the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism for the linear infrastructure for its Etango uranium project.
The environmental clearances gave approval for a linear infrastructure corridor from the existing nearby public road to the project site, and included road, rail, power lines, telecommunications and a water pipeline.

“The grant of the environmental clearance for the linear infrastructure associated with the Etango uranium project, following an extensive documentation and public consultation programme, demonstrates the ongoing support of the Namibian government for the project,” said CEO Len Jubber.

Bannerman, which China’s Hanlong Mining Investments wants to buy, received the environmental clearance for the development of the Etango project last year, based on the configuration set in the 2009 environmental- and social-impact assessment (ESIA).

An updated ESIA and accompanying environmental and social management plan, incorporating the now expanded resource area and site layout refinements, would be lodged for public comment during the next quarter, following which it would be submitted to the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism for approval.

Jubber said that upon the receipt of an updated environmental clearance for the development of the Etango project, Bannerman would lodge supplementary information with the Ministry of Mines and Energy in further support of the existing Etango mining licence application.

The Etango project currently has a measured resource of around 62.7-million tons, grading 205 ppm for 28.3-million pounds of uranium oxide, an indicated resource of 120.4-million pounds, and an inferred resource of 63.9-million pounds.

On Monday, Extract Resources also announced that Namibia had granted it environmental approval for the linear infrastructure to service its Husab uranium mine.

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